During my adolescence, I struggled greatly with my social media use. Instagram and Twitter were up and coming platforms, and I used and abused them just like every other teenager I knew. My problems with social media were exacerbated by mental illness. I developed codependency issues, since I could always…

Are we on the verge of a Hollywood dark utopian reality?

Via Andy Kelly on Unsplash

There really isn’t a question of digital privacy anymore. Unless you’ve managed to do a full Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec anyone?), your entire life is on the internet. And I mean that! Have you ever typed your social security number into a job application online? Do you have a…

Celeste Guse

20. Minneapolis. They/Them. Double Majoring in Developmental Psychology and Applied Music. I write about college life, being queer, and everything in between.

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